A Robot on the Shoulder – Extra Arms that will help you lift heavy objects


MIT researchers have created a pair of robotic arms that connect to your shoulders and give you another pair of pinchers to help you lift heavy objects or keep objects in place while you attach them overhead. The arms, called “A Robot on the Shoulder”, monitor what you are doing and, using video analysis, try to pitch in when needed. The system weighs ten pounds and attaches to your upper or lower back.

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Weird Japanese Gadget Lets You Smell Meat While You Eat


The Hana Yakiniku (translated as “Nose Grilled Meat”) by Japanese company Scentee brings the smell of grilling short ribs, beef tongue, and buttered potatoes to your smartphone. The kit includes a small white scent-filled device that plugs into your phone’s jack. By using a special Scentee app, you choose the scent you want, plug the device into your phone and then catch a savory whiff of meat. The promo video says that the fourth step is to eat (in this case plain white rice). The video suggests that it is a substitute for eating the real thing and says, for example, that if you are a starving college student and can’t afford expensive food, you could just smell the fake meat, eat plain white rice, and be satisfied. The Hana Yakiniku will be available November 15, 2013. Other scented cartridges, like coffee, corn soup, and the like, are available now.

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TweetPee – device that sends an alert to your iPhone when your baby pees


Huggies Brazil has created a plastic device that sends an alert to your iPhone when your baby pees. This device sits in your baby’s diaper and can detect changes in humidity. The device is connected to an iPhone app that sends you an alert when the humidity in your baby’s diaper indicates that he/she has peed. The app can also track your Huggies stock and allows you to buy new diapers online.

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